the ultimate solution for DEAs

Floor plans and RdSAP data in one hit

While doing an EPC, just spend a few more minutes and have a floor plan ready to sell to an estate agent, plus a detailed floor plan for your own use and a report containing most of the calculations you need for your RdSAP. Click here to see a sample.

On-site or off-site

For ultimate flexibility, you can either use an iPad or use a normal PC or Mac back at the office. If using an iPad with internet connection, you can even send the floor plan straight to the estate agent directly from the property!

Floor plans and reports for DEAs

The EPC report, with most of your RdSAP calculations done for you is included with your marketing floor plan. This also includes specially marked-up floor plans, showing wall measurements, heat-loss types, radiators and TRVs, window glazing and much more.

RdSAP calculations done for you

PlanUp for DEAs understands about heat loss perimeters, alternative wall areas, glazing and lighting percentages and so on - you add a little more information while creating the floor plan, and all these are calculated for you.

Sell to the estate agent

Send to the estate agent direct from the iPad / Windows software.

Integration with RdSAP GO and SMART EPC

Users of Elmhurst's RdSAP GO and eTech's SMART EPC can access PlanUp through their survey software to draw plans and record EPC information - information recorded is imported into the survey automatically.

Heat loss perimeter and square area

Automatically calculates the heat loss perimeter and extension areas as you create the floor plan. Specify party walls, unheated corridors and more.

Auto habitable and heated rooms

Automatically marks rooms habitable and heated depending on the name of room and symbols added.

Glazing and lighting percentages

Capture door and window glazing types, and low-energy/standard lights, and have the percentages worked out for you.

Non-separated conservatories

Mark a room as a non-separated conservatory - this will then allow you to record the glazed perimeter as appropriate.

Door openings

Record the number of openings a door counts to.

Draft proofing

Record draft proofing for doors and windows.

Alternative wall area - window and door heights

Record window and door heights for calculations of alternative wall areas - widths will be used as drawn.

Wall construction and insulation

Quickly capture the construction and insulation for the whole house, or wall-by-wall.


Record different types of radiators on the plan - each type will be counted separately in the report. You can record single, double and water/oil filled radiators, heated towel rail, storage heaters, air vents, and electric heaters.

Fire places

Record different types of fireplaces - each type will be counted separately in the report. Options available are open, closed, gas fire, stove, fixed electric fire, open fire in grate with/without boiler, closed room heater with/without boiler.

Baths and showers

Record mixer tap types for baths and showers.

EPC symbols

Additional EPC symbols including boiler, water cylinder, room stats, loft hatch, gas / electric meters and more!

Ceiling heights

Capture the ceiling height for the whole property, or specific rooms.