interactive photo plans

Add photos

You can create interactive Photo Plans using PlanUp once you have finished drawing the basic plan.

Please note you need to add photos to a plan on a Windows PC or a Mac. You cannot add photos to plans using an iPad.

Once you have finished drawing the plan tap on the Finish icon on the bottom toolbar, and enter the address and tap on OK.

You will then get to this screen:

Now tap on Get images and on the following screen tap on 2D

You will now see a button for create photo plans. Tap on this and a new window will open similar to the image shown below:

Select the hotspot you want to use from the panel on the right, and drag it onto the plan. This will then open the box shown below:

Tap on Add files which will allow you to navigate to the photos that you want to upload – please note only jpegs can be uploaded.

You can upload as many files at a time as you want to – a hotspot will be added to the right hand side of the image for you to drag into place when the images have been uploaded.

Once you have selected the file to upload tap ‘Start’ and the photos will upload showing you the progress.

Hotspots can be moved anywhere on plan by tapping and dragging on the hotspot.

If you need to replace any hotspot markers, select the replacement hotspot and drag and drop onto the marker you want to replace.

Should you need to delete a hotspot, tap and drag the hotspot to the bin which will appear in the top right hand corner of the plan window when hovering over / tapping on the hotspot as highlighted below:

All changes made are saved as you work on the hotspots – you will see ‘Saving…’ displayed in red in a red box as illustrated below:

When you are finished the link to use on your website can be found at the bottom of the hotspot panel or by tapping on the view in browser link in the image email or in PlanUp.