room specific data

Room specific EPC data

If you are using the DEA version of the software (determined when you create your account – it is the same download) it is possible to record elements of EPC data at various stages of drawing the plan.

While you have any room selected there will be an EPC Settings menu available – this allows you to record the EPC data specific to that room. Tap on EPC Settings to show the menu indicated below:

From this menu you can:

  • Record whether the room is:
  • Part of the main house
  • Part of an extension – up to 4 separate extensions can be noted
  • A non-separated conservatory. Please see Heat Loss and Construction for how to set glazed perimeter details - this is a heat loss type
  • To be excluded from the EPC
  • Record if the room is habitable or not.
  • If you name the room first this will default to habitable in appropriate circumstances e.g. if the room is titled as lounge – this automatic choice can be overridden.
  • If the room is habitable you can indicate if it is heated or not - adding a radiator will automatically mark the room as heated.
  • Measure the ceiling height.
  • Tapping Ceiling height will open the number pad to enter the ceiling height.
  • Different rooms can have different ceiling heights.
  • If there are multiple ceiling heights a list of currently entered ceiling heights will be available to choose from.
  • Newly created rooms will be marked as the same height as the room they were created from by default.
  • The number of lights – a count of both normal and low energy bulbs is available.
  • If the room is a room in the roof