start new plan: step 1

Step 1 - Create a room using the measurements

Once you have tapped on new plan you will see the screen shown below left.

The first wall is started for you – this does not have to be the front wall though many start from this point.

Resize this wall as necessary by:

  • Tapping and dragging the white arrow handle to extend/reduce the length of the wall
  • Tap and release the white arrow to open a keypad to enter the measurement precisely, press enter once you have entered the measurement
  • If you are working on a Windows PC or Mac simply type the measurement using the keyboard, press enter once you have entered the measurement

Note that typing or entering the measurement will then 'lock' the measurement into that wall. The wall can still be moved afterwards if you need to snap it to another wall, but the measurement will remain the one you entered.

If you need to unlock a measurement simply tap on the wall measurment to open the keypad.

NB: If a locked measurement is changed by 40cm or more after the room has been completed it will flag red as this will affect square area calculations.

To move onto the next wall, tap the blue circle with a plus sign as shown above right.

Drag in the new direction you require - and use the same process as the first wall, either drag to the required size or let go of the handle, and enter the exact measurement. When dragging the handle you can move at any angle necessary.

Once you have added a second wall you will see that the quick room button at the bottom right of the screen has now become an auto-complete button. This now means the software can complete the room as illustrated by the picture on the button.

If the suggestion is correct tap this button.

If the suggestion is not correct add more walls until you get the correct suggestion.

If you make a mistake adding a corner it can be deleted by pressing the undo button () on the bottom toolbar or by selecting undo last corner from the yellow banner at the top of the screen.

If you need to draw off of the visible screen area, tap and drag anywhere on the plan (apart from the handles) to move it to a more convenient position or zoom out. To zoom in/out:

  • Pinch and pull on the iPad/Windows Tablet
  • Use the scroll wheel on your mouse in Windows
  • Use Ctrl and +/- in Windows

Should you need to change the guideline units between metric and imperial this can be done by tapping on the Metres/Feet button on the number pad:

Once you have drawn a room, it is possible to re-shape it. In normal use you should not need to do this, as you can draw the room to the correct shape in the first place. However if you do please see re-shaping rooms for some helpful tips and tools.