re-shaping rooms

Re-shaping rooms

Once you have drawn a room, it is possible to re-shape it if necessary. Here are some helpful tips if you need to re-shape a room.

Wall splitter:

To split a wall (for instance to create an L-shaped room), tap on it to get open a pop-up menu similar to the below:

wall toolbar

Tap where it says split wall as indicated above to add the split. You can now drag the two sections of wall independently.

You can also double tap on a wall to add a wall split.

NB: Wall splits can not be used to remove part of a wall. If you need to make an opening please use the opening option from the doors menu. See Toolbar Reference (PDF) for a list of all tool bar options.

Make an Angled wall:

To turn any external corner into a diagonal wall tap on the corner (the grey dot where the wall changes direction to open the pop-up menu as shown below:

corner menu

Simply tap where it says Make angled. If necessary you can change the angle of the wall by tapping on one of the new corners and dragging as desired to adjust it.

Curved Walls:

Tap on the corner or wall you want to make a curve.

If you tapped on the wall the same pop-up menu as indicated in the Splitting Walls section above appears.

If you tapped on the corner the same pop-up menu as indicated in the Make an Angled Wall section above appears.

On both of these menus is an option to Make curved. Tap on this to turn the wall/corner into a curve.