change image size, format, and logo settings

Image and logo settings

Once you have finished a plan or selected a plan to open from your list of existing plans you will get to this screen:

To change the image format or logo settings:

  • Tap on Get images
  • Tap on 2D to get to the following screen (iPad version on the left, PC on the right):

  • NOTE: To see this for a 3D plan the 3D has to be gernerated first - see Request 3D images for details.
  • The image size to be requested is detailed underneath the preview of the plan.
  • Tap on the cog wheel you will see to the right of the image size currently set - in the screen shot above to the right of 8x8 inches, JPG, All Floors, Print Quality
  • You will now see the following screen where you can change the image and logo settings:

From the screen shown above you can change:

  • the format of the image - JPG, PNG, or PDF
  • If you require WMF images a link will be available in the email sent or on the direct save screen
  • the number of images – a single image or an image per floor
  • the quality- print or web
  • the orientation – Portrait, landscape, square
  • the size – from a number of preset suggestions or a custom size
  • the settings for use on the logo

Once selected as required tap on Save to return to the previous screen.

Please note:

  • Only JPG and PDF files are available for 3D plans
  • Logos are currently not available on 3D plans