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This is the final beta version of our forthcoming Version 8, with a completely revamped way of drawing and editing rooms.

This is currently only available on Windows, with the Mac and iPad version to follow soon.

New in v7.9.1.1 Final BETA before release:

  • Fix: Instances where symbols were delete on wall move
  • Fix: Removed internal wall snapping when dragging walls upstairs
  • Fix: Instances where wrong side of wall moved when dragging split wall
  • Fix: Multiple crashes fixed
  • New: Much improved wall snapping when using QuickDraw and dragging walls
  • New: Angled walls now showing the actual angle, and snap properly with each other
  • New: Much improved angled wall snapping and now snaps to 45 degrees
  • New: Angled corner snapping - drawing conservatories now much easier
  • New: In QuickDraw mode, hold 'Shift' when mouse over a wall to get a quick room
  • Wall thickness: Some sections removed - to be re-done in a better way in the future
  • Edit curves removed as rarely used, will re-add but in a more usable way in future release

New in v7.9.0.1 BETA:

  • New: QuickDraw - a new way of drawing rooms. Click and drag to add rooms with auto fill into complicated angled walls
  • New: Can now draw rooms within rooms
  • New: Hugely improved wall dragging and snapping
  • New: Removed external room option from top toolbar as no longer needed
  • New: Moved splitter, angled wall and curved wall buttons from top toolbar, added to wall menus instead

To see all previous version changes please visit our Forum.

PlanUp v7.9.0.1