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This is the release of PlanUp - Version 8 with QuickDraw, with a completely revamped way of drawing and editing rooms.

Currently available on Windows and iPad, with the Mac version to follow shortly.

PlanUp v7.9.0.1

19-11-2019 - v8.0.5.1 - Bug fixes

  • Fix: Rare case of room name positions resetting after undo
  • Fix: Properties that crashed and would not recover from auto-recover
  • New: Can now enter measurements on internal walls
  • Fix: Description dialogs now returning to the correct place after going into sub menus, before were going back to window descriptions
  • Fix: Pan and zoom jumping to different area of floor plan after doing an undo
  • Fix: Instances where window focus was focusing and zooming into a room when selected
  • Fix: Various instances where QuickDraw and Wall-by-Wall buttons not showing, mainly when upstairs
  • New: When dragging walls upstairs, we now show in faint green the walls below, to be used as a guide

25-09-2019 - v8.0.2.1 - Bug fixes

  • Fix: Some instances where symbols were being deleted when walls being moved
  • Fix: Symbols being deleted on wall moves
  • Fix: Various crashes when using Wall-by-Wall and dragging walls
  • Fix: Improved green lines when snapped to other walls
  • New: Added yellow outline to the currently selected room to make more obvious
  • New: Added very small timed delay when dragging walls and corners to help stop unintentional moves on iPad
  • Fix: Added wall measurements showing on every wall, all of the time
  • Fix: Measurements on angled walls now updating when dragging an angled wall
  • New: Added start Wall-by-Wall underneath QuickDraw
  • New: Added 'Triple' to door glazing descriptions
  • Fix: Increased hit area on iPad when dragging walls
  • Fix: Made the wall splitter more obvious when added to a wall

05-09-2019 - v8.0.1.1 - Bug fixes

  • Fix: Some instances where symbols were being deleted when walls being moved
  • New: Removed message discontinuing Room Creator, as this is now no longer being discontinued
  • Fix: eTech and Elmhurst integration issues

01-09-2019 - New in v8.0.0.1 - PlanUp QuickDraw

  • Fix: Instances where symbols were delete on wall move
  • Fix: Removed internal wall snapping when dragging walls upstairs
  • Fix: Instances where wrong side of wall moved when dragging split wall
  • Fix: Multiple crashes fixed
  • New: Much improved wall snapping when using QuickDraw and dragging walls
  • New: Angled walls now showing the actual angle, and snap properly with each other
  • New: Much improved angled wall snapping and now snaps to 45 degrees
  • New: Angled corner snapping - drawing conservatories now much easier
  • New: In QuickDraw mode, hold 'Shift' when mouse over a wall to get a quick room
  • Wall thickness: Some sections removed - to be re-done in a better way in the future
  • Edit curves removed as rarely used, will re-add but in a more usable way in future release
  • New: QuickDraw - a new way of drawing rooms. Click and drag to add rooms with auto fill into complicated angled walls
  • New: Can now draw rooms within rooms
  • New: Hugely improved wall dragging and snapping
  • New: Removed external room option from top toolbar as no longer needed
  • New: Moved splitter, angled wall and curved wall buttons from top toolbar, added to wall menus instead

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