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Top questions and answers

Is PlanUp available on iPhone?

  • Yes, simply search for PlanUp on the App Store, install, and log in as normal.

Is there a free trial available for PlanUp? How do I set this up?

How can I start using PlanUp on iPad or iPhone?

  • Simply search for PlanUp on the App Store, install, and log in as normal.

Can I use PlanUp on Android devices?

  • Yes, search for PlanUp on the Play Store, or go to our download area for the link. Simply install, and log in as normal

PlanUp crashed and a plan has been lost or my third party app (such as Smart Survey or RdSAP GO) can no longer find/open the plan. What do I do?

  • If PlanUp crashes, the plan will usually be automatically recovered when you re-open PlanUp. If you use PlanUp via a third party app on occasion the third party app may lose the link to the plan. In either case please see What to do I do if PlanUp crashes and/or a plan is lost? for details of how to recover it.

How do I change the default colours for multi-coloured and by room colours

Is PlanUp available for Mac?

  • We now have an installer for Mac - available on our download page.

Can I get phone call support?

  • We offer full phone call support for all customers on our monthly subscriptions.
  • Call 03458 678 222, or visit our contact page for details.

Does it work with my back office software?

  • Our floor plans can be saved out in JPEG or PNG format, so are compatible with all back office systems that allow you to upload an image.
  • Our descriptions are standard text files that you can copy and paste into property description areas. Vebra, Encore and DezRez can also automatically import them.
  • AgentPro, Expert Agent, and Vebra Alto have a function to automatically import floor plans and descriptions simply from a Plan Reference number you get with each floorplan. Click below for further information:

How do I hide/show measurements?

How do I install PlanUp onto a desktop or laptop?

  • Please visit our download page here.
  • You can install onto as many machines in your office (including home desktops / laptops), just remember to use the same username (email) and password when logging in.

How do I create a new room?

How do I zoom in / out when drawing a floor plan?

  • On windows, use the mouse wheel to zoom in / out. If you don't have one you can use Ctrl & numpad + / -.
  • On iPad, use the standard pinch to zoom.

Can I run PlanUp on Windows Tablets?

  • You can - please contact us to ensure you have the correct version installed on 03458 678 222.

Training videos

We have a good selection of training videos.

We recommend taking a look as we have videos for the most common questions you are likely to ask while drawing your first floor plans. For experienced users, there are some power user videos to help you draw floor plans even quicker.

Help for SMART EPC Users

Using PlanUp with SMART EPC from Core Logic (eTech).

Help for RdSAP GO Users

Using PlanUp with RdSAP GO from Elmhurst.

More help and support

Monthly subscribers to PlanUp can contact our Support Team on 03458 678 222 Option 2.

Anyone using PlanUp that is not on a monthly subscription please contact the Support Team via email in the first instance with description your question/problem. We will call you back if the problem requires it.

Request support.

System requirements

View the system requirements for using PlanUp.

Privacy policy

View the privacy policy for PlanUp.