setting up PlanUp

New account or existing user?

If you have not used PlanUp before and there is no existing account for your business, see how to set up a no obligation 14-day free trial here.

If you are setting up PlanUp on a new device and already have log in details, see how to set up PlanUp on a new device.

Setting up a free trial with PlanUp

If you have not used PlanUp before, you can set up a free trial to see how you get on.

To set up your free trial:

  • Install the software from our download area.
  • Open the software once installed.

  • Towards the lower right of the window there is a login button - tap on this.
  • On the right hand side now you wil see a Sign up for free button - tap on this.


  • You will now be asked to enter an e-mail (this will be your username), a password, and select the country you are in.
  • Now tap on Sign up for free.
  • An email will now be sent to the email address you entered for verification. Please remember to check your junk mail if this does not arrive in your inbox.
  • Tap on the link in the email and enter the information asked for - your name, company name, contact telephone number - and tap validate.
  • You will be told your email is validated. You can now login to PlanUp.

Set up PlanUp on an new device

If you already have log in details and simply need to set up PlanUp on a new device, you can install this from our download area.

Once installed, open the software.

Towards the lower right corner of the window you will see a log in button. Tap on this.


Simply enter your existing log in details, tap on LOGIN and you're set to go.