online user guide contents

1. Install and Log in to PlanUp

2. Drawing a plan

3. EPC Functionality

4. Saving final images and other output

5. Direct import from PlanUp to back office software

  • Some back office software will allow you to import floorplan image(s) and data directly from PlanUp without saving files to your device. Click on the links below for further information:

6. Admin (email, passwords etc)

7. FAQs

Requesting new features

We are constantly trying to improve the software we offer to make sure it works as well as possible and offers all required functionality. As hard as we try some things may get over-looked.

The best way for us to know how we are doing is if you tell us and point out anything that needs adding or changing.

If you find anything that you don't feel is working right or that does not appear to be available please contact us using the support details below:


Telephone: 03458 678 222 - Option 2 (9:00am till 5:00pm, Monday to Friday UK Time)