Room descriptions

PlanUp automatically builds up a property description as you draw a floor plan. It's your choice whether you wish to use them or not.

This includes rooms, measurements, and basic descriptions of items you add (for example Lounge: 6.40m x 3.05m (21' x 10'). Window to front, fireplace, door to...).

In addition to PlanUp creating the basic descriptions, you can add further detail (for example, describing a window as double glazed etc). To do this simply click on a symbol you have added in the room, and you will see a describe option. Tap that to enter the descriptions for that item.

You can also describe the floor, walls, ceiling and other aspects of the room.

Once you have named a room you will see that a box appears in the bottom right corner with the room title and then it will say Description.

NB: Using the DEA version this box will also have the menu to access EPC functionality – the EPC Settings option will be available as soon as the room has been drawn. Please see Room Specific EPC Data for more information.

Tap on this and a window will popup giving you options of what to describe e.g. floor, walls, ceiling, shape etc. Some room titles will have additional options for descriptions e.g. kitchens will have the option to describe units and appliances as well as the standard options.

Tapping on one of these allows you to choose the description you want to add from a preset list.

Exterior descriptions

It is also possible to add descriptions for the exterior of the property.

To do this you first need to draw two rooms. There will then be a Describe outside link available underneath the plan.