update details

If you need to update any of the details listed below please email support@planup.co.uk or accounts@planup.co.uk as appropriate:

  • Email address you log in with.
  • Please remember that when you request images to be emailed you can send them to a different email address - you do not have to change the log in email address. Please see choose where to send images for more details.
  • The email address that receives your invoices.
  • Your contact details.

Please include in the email:

  • Your company name.
  • The email address used to log in with - even if this is not being changed.
  • The details as they are currently in PlanUp.
  • What you would like to change them to.

If you need to update your Direct Debit details please email accounts@planup.co.uk with your company name and log in email address to request a DD mandate. Please also include the email address you want the mandate sent to if i is different from the log in emai address.