square area settings

Square area settings

The settings for the display of the square area can be found in the Basic Settings screen. You can read more about the Basic Settings in the How to get images section of the online user guide.

First choose where you want the images to be sent to. By default it will send your final images to the email address you log in with. If you want them to go somewhere else, choose where you want to send the images to using the Send to drop down towards the top left.

Once you have chosen the email address to send the plan to, tap on the cog wheel towards the bottom right to open the basic settings screen:

The third option down on the left is for the square area. The options available are:

  • Grand total - this also shows the individual floor areas.
  • By floor - this shows the individual floor square areas only.
  • Off - no square areas are shown at all.

Choose as required and then tap on save. This will return you to choose between 2D and 3D and continue requesting you images.