creating the next floor

Adding a floor

There are two ways to add a new floor:

1. Using the Floor button on bottom toolbar

  • On the bottom toolbar are two arrows with Floor written in the middle of them.

  • Tapping either arrow will ask if you want to add a new floor if one does not already exist in the relevant direction – if a floor already exists you will simply be taken to it.

2. Using stairs

  • Add a set of stairs to the property.
  • Tap Go Upstairs... on the stairs menu (if not showing simply tap on the stairs).

Starting a new floor

Landings are not always the best places to start a new floor from as there is not necessarily a convenient anchor point on the floor below. Unless the landing is on the corner of the property we would suggest leaving the landing until last.

When you go up to a new floor you will be shown the outline of all of the rooms on the floor you have just come up from. Around the corners of the lower floor will be highlighted points where you can tap to start drawing the first room.

Once you have added the first corner proceed in the same way as you did to draw the previous rooms.