the ultimate floor plan solution

Key features

  • Great value at £39.99 + VAT per month
  • Use on Windows, iPad and Mac
  • Creates floor plans and property descriptions
  • Easy to use
  • 3D plans for no extra charge
  • Integration with Vebra Alto / Live, AgentPro, Encore Live, Dezrez, Expert Agent etc
  • Great looking 2D plans
  • Photo plans for no extra charge
  • Full phone call support
  • Use on all machines in the office
  • No minimum contract

The easiest way to draw a floor plan

This three bedroom property was completed in a leisurely fashion in just over six minutes, and shows just how fast you can draw floor plans with PlanUp.

PlanUp looks and works the same whether you are on Windows or iPad, and drawing plans is as quick on either platforms.

Saving out your final images takes just a few clicks, making the process of drawing a floor plan as quick and easy as possible.

Even 3D plans are available in a couple of minutes.

View the finished plan here.

Perfect for Estate Agents

Designed to be used by non-technical people, PlanUp is simplicity itself, and is one of the most popular ways to create 2D, 3D and photo plans. It's also highly cost-effective at £39.99 + VAT per office, allowing you to draw, edit and save your floor plans from any machine in your office.

Over 65% of properties on RightMove have floorplans, many of which are drawn in PlanUp (or previous versions of The Mobile Agent).

Designed specifically for estate agents and energy assessors, PlanUp gives you the edge over your competitors at valuation, listing and offer stage. Vendors love seeing their floor plans being created in PlanUp on iPad and potential buyers are more likely to keep details with floor plans, and view the property through the agent that has produced them.

Most of the major estate agency software vendors can pull our plans and descriptions straight into their systems (e.g. Vebra Alto & Live, Encore Live, DezRez, Jupix, Reapit, CFP etc). Vebra Alto, AgentPro and ExpertAgent have great integration - simply grab the plan reference number we supply for every floor plan and enter into Vebra Alto or Expert Agent to automatically import floor plans and descriptions. Or simply save out a JPEG, PNG, WMF, Word Document or PDF.

You can use PlanUp on Windows based desktops, laptops and tablets, and Apple Mac and iPad's. Both draw the same floor plans, but the iPad lets you draw plans while you're at the property.

We have been developing and supplying floor plan software for the last 14 years (under the previous name of The Mobile Agent), and are one of the market leaders with a large customer base.

Perfect for DEAs

Create quality floor plans to sell to estate agents. At the same time, you get plans and calculations for your RdSAP calculations.

Work on-site or off-site, on desktop PC or laptop and ipad.