customise your plans

First choose where you want the images to be sent to. By default it will send your final images to the email address you log in with. If you want them to go somewhere else, choose where you want to send the images to using the Send to drop down towards the top left.

Now choose whether you want 2D or 3D plans.

2D plans

A brief description of the customisations (colours etc) as shown in the preview can be seen on the lower right hand side. If you want to change the customisations tap on the button where it says change style...

You will have some quick options to choose from and a Custom... button. If you tap on the Custom... you can:

  • Change the floor colour (Fill colour).
  • Change the wall fill and outline colour.
  • Change the item colour i.e. change the colour of items such as toilets, sinks etc.
  • Add a bevelling effect to the walls – the line and fill colours need to be different for this to work.
  • Add shadows to walls, items, and/or text.

Select options as required tap on Save to return to the previous screen. The preview will update to show the style you have selected.

3D plans

When requesting 3D plans colours cannot be changed. The customisation available for 3D plans is for the flooring type - wood or carpet.