send style and save link to client

Style and save link

Once a plan is finished, you can choose to send a Style and save link to your client so they can customise the plan, including changing room titles.

main request screen

To send a Style and Save link you first need to change where you are sending the plan. To do this:

  • Tap on Get images:

2d or 3d

  • Tap where it says Send to above the 2D button.
  • You will now have a drop down with an option to Add a customer... - tap on this.
  • Enter a name for the client and the email address and tap on Save.
  • The screen will now change to show additional options below the 2D and 3D buttons:

  • Tap on the top link - Send a Style and Save link...
  • The following message will appear:

  • To send the Style and Save link you can either:
  • Tap Send an automated email to confirm and send the email to the email address you entered. Your client will then receive an email similar to the below. Or;

  • Tap Send you own email. You will now be shown the link (similar to below) which you can copy and send in an email of your own devising.

  • Your client then clicks on the link in the email they receive – they do not need to log in.
  • From the page that opens they can alter room titles and any room measurements displayed on the plan as well as customising the look of the plan.
  • Images and other outputs are also saved in the same way i.e. requesting images to be sent via email or saving directly.

To see a working example of exactly what is received from the Style and Save link please click on the following link: Style and Save Example

A user guide for recipients of this link can be found here: Style and Save link end user guide